Electrical Concepts


Here at R.D. White Co. we strive to keep up with the latest technology and brands.  We work with many different manufacturers to bring you the latest top quality products.  Below are just a few of the industry leading brands that we carry!  

Distributed Audio/Video Systems

Your music and video do not have to be relegated to just one place in your house.  We can fill your entire home with the music and movies you love by creating a house wide system that's controlled easily from multiple locations.  If family members have different media preferences and tastes, they can even be enjoyed simultaneously from different rooms in your home.  Best of all, you can enjoy these conveniences without having to see the equipment behind them.

Custom Programmed Control

There is nothing worse than having all the latest high tech gear, but not understanding how to properly use it.  We pride ourselves in making your system as simple as possible to use, many times requiring only a single button press.  Whether its single room a/v setup or an entire home automation system,  we will customize your control options to make your system easy and reliable to use.

Home Theater Systems

From an intimate media room to a full-scale private theater, we create the perfect entertainment environment for your home, vacation retreat or work space.  Our audio/video experts can design and install a system that fits into your architecture and your lifestyle.

Make your entire home or Office work for you

Today's technology offers many ways to bring automation home and create a more functional living space.  R.D. White Co. can give you complete, wireless control of any electrically controlled system from in-wall or wireless touch panels that are located throughout your home.  When your not at home, the system can be accessed remotely from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Whether you're inside your home or far away from it, we give you powerfully smart home automation that will simplify your life.

Home Automation can control the following systems:

  • Home theater, multi-room and digital audio/video
  • Security monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Phone and email managements
  • Centralized climate control, scheduling and history monitoring
  • Interior and exterior lighting and lighting scheduling
  • Irrigation
  • Pool and spa
  • Window treatments
  • Entryways
  • Energy Management
  • And Much More!

Smart Electrical

Audio Video

Full Design

Home Automation